About Me

We are going to have a little untraditional about the author session:

I’m Ashley (just in case you didn’t catch that) and I attend Appalachian State University and it’s actually the most beautiful school I’ve ever seen (I mean come on we have the frickin BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY in our backyard). My major is Hospitality and I’m aspiring to be an event coordinator. I originally was going for biology and while I miss it sometimes, I definitely don’t miss wanting to rip all of my hair out because of the stress.  I’m a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, which is a band fraternity that is totally immersed in music! It’s really fun being in SAI and I love also being able to interact with the other two band fraternities (PMA and KKPsi) because its not often you find this solid group of friends through the powers of music.IMG_2090.JPG

Speaking of music, I play flute and piccolo and I also was a member of the marching mountaineers for two semesters and it was the best experience of my life (band nerds are the coolest, okay?). IMG_0134.JPG

Hmm….more fun stuff about me…I love animals. Like there are people that love animals, then there are people like me who LOVE animals. If I could live on a farm and be surrounded by animals of all kinds for the rest of my life I would be so happy! (tearing up right now thinking about it) I work at a doggy daycare called Social Pet when I am at home and it’s the best job on planet earth. I love all the pups, it’s the greatest! I also acquired a tattoo over the summer in 2015 of two paw prints on my ribcage.

Speaking of tattoos, I am completely addicted to them…but no worries! I’m not going to be covered head to toe but I absolutely will be acquiring at least 3 to 4 more in my future. This past year (2016) I acquired another of my favorite quote from Mumford and Sons song After The Storm.

I have some pretty epic and talented friends up here at school and back at home from the dreaded high school years (minus one who I’ve known since 4th grade). I also have a pretty great boyfriend that actually attends App and was in the marching band as well. All these cats are pretty cool and I firmly believe I have the greatest group of friends ever (everyone says that, but I’m actually telling the truth (; )

Well friends, thats me in a nutshell! You will learn more through the developments of JoyfullyAshley, but for now that’s all folks!


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