Don’t Pretend You Know My Dog

Now before I begin let me give a quick background, I have been an animal lover my entire life, there is not one person who does not know how much I love dogs. It’s almost like I have a sign hanging on my forehead that says “Hi! My name is Ashley and I love dogs!!” I have worked at a doggy daycare for two years on and off while at school and through this have learned so much more about dogs. I can read body language, know how to break up dog fights without being squeamish, and I am able to identify many breeds of dogs as well as certain health issues and how to address them.

This brings me to the topic of this post: I cannot stand when people try and tell me how my dog should be who have no where close to the knowledge I have. It infuriates me. I know my dog, don’t pretend like you do.

Lyla May is a drama queen. She loves balls and cuddling more than life itself. She is protective and loves me a lot, I can tell. She does have some problems, she is STUBBORN. Man, this dog is stubborn. She is too smart for her own good, so I have to work with these struggles. She also is finicky about other dogs, she is hypersensitive to dog behavior. If a dog is off or too overly excited, she isn’t about it. Sometimes, she also thinks that small dogs are chew toys. I work with her on this so that she and I are happy and every one else is safe.

In my apartment complex there are so many ‘regulars’ that she plays incredibly well with and honestly pays no mind to. She has been in three dog fights: One dog came in and was antagonizing other dogs, one was extremely timid and tail tucked, and the third was dog aggressive. As I said, Lyla picks up on these and if the dog is not laid back and chill, she will attack them. Due to this I have to be hyper aware of all dogs that enter when she is in the park so that I can adjust to make sure Lyla is under control.

I know my dog. I know her triggers. Don’t tell me that she is aggressive and a bad dog. Thats like telling someone who doesn’t like bullies that they are a bad person. Everyone is different, and dogs are WAY smarter than we give them credit for.

Today, was a different day. A dog that I was told was kind and playful was directly dog aggressive. The owner did not even try to discipline his dog, she was a perfect angel, my dog was the monster. Sorry, that is not how this works. You dog came in and made that play area hers, and stood off with my dog. That first fight was pure even playing ground, that second fight was your dogs fault. I was holding Lyla, and your dog came at her. You then decide to yell at my dog and tell her how bad she was while consoling your dog telling her she is good. Sorry, any dog that gets in a fight should be scolded. Doesn’t matter. As I tie my dog up to check your dog because I know what to look for through my years of working with dogs you yell obscenities at her because she is whining. Newsflash: I am my dogs world, she doesn’t like not being by my side. You have no right to scold my dog for wanting to be with her owner. My hand got beat up pretty bad and I went into my apartment and sobbed. I had never been so affected by a dog fight. I had never been so angry that someone was talking to my dog like he was. You don’t know my dog, and you clearly don’t pay attention to yours.

My advice to anyone with a dog, pay attention to their personality. Don’t be ashamed if they don’t like other dogs, find their limits and work with them. Be kind. We are their world. But please, don’t tell me how to deal with my dog, I know her very well and have the training to know her.

Here is me and my bean for a lighter note:IMG_1082



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