Love is Challenging

Love is challenging when you are constantly second guessing whether you love yourself or not. Giving all your energy to another person is challenging when you barely have enough energy for yourself. Sharing all your thoughts and feelings with another person is challenging when you don’t even feel comfortable discussing them with yourself.

Why do we do it? Because we can’t let the demons win. The demons are wrong about you not being beautiful, strong, and capable.

But I get it, loving when you have inner demons in the form of mental illness is extremely taxing, however when you find the right person it almost becomes easy. Austin makes loving easy. He is supportive and understands me on a level that I never though possible.

I’m quiet? Probably hungry. I won’t talk? I’m struggling with my depression. I get angry and cry? My anxiety is eating me alive. Having and extremely bad day? Probably forgot my meds. He picks up on all of this without pushing me for answers, because sometimes I don’t even know the answer.

Don’t let your mind play tricks. They still love you even on your bad days, because if they didn’t they wouldn’t still be here! I promise.

Be easy with yourself. I’m still learning how to. It helps if you never settle for less that what you know you deserve, and you deserve the world. Austin gives me the world, go find someone who gives you yours.


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