Wedding Internship Series #1

This summer I am a wedding planner intern with Events by Elizabeth Ashley, so I have decided that I am going to start a weekly wedding series on my blog!

This first week was very interesting, however I adjusted very quickly. I started on Tuesday while Elizabeth had a meeting with a client and took notes. It was made very apparent to me the amount of discussion it takes to really get to know someone enough to be able to capture exactly what they want in their wedding.


On Wednesday we met again in the office to make a template for Elizabeth’s wedding timelines that she fills out for her clients. It helped me to understand the best way to organize things as well as how much goes into organizing the wedding itself. On Thursday I went to help out a bride in making her welcome bags for her guests that were staying in hotels in the area. It was helpful to be able to really interact with the bride, her mother, and her soon-to-be mother in law and sister-in-law.

On Friday was the rehearsal dinner and ceremony and I tried to absorb as much as possible to be able to be  ready for the wedding itself on Saturday. The big day came on Saturday, and let me tell you it was a big sink or swim moment for me! I made many mistakes and became overwhelmed, however with more practice I’m sure the next weddings I work will be much more successful. I accidentally messed up the seating and became very uneasy when I wasn’t completely sure what I was to do. All the hiccups were worked out and the wedding went beautifully and the forecasted rainy day was held off leaving a bunch of sun!

I look forward to working more this summer in the wedding planning business! (also look how cute! They had a snapchat filter!)


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