Food for Thought

Per usual, I had a revelation in my life and it is again thanks to my dog. I was having my typical afternoon snack of apples and peanut butter, which I love more than anything (I am a firm believer in an apple a day keeps the doc away…because apples are DELICIOUS!) and I was giving Lyla a couple bites here and there. Just incase anyone was wondering, your loyal pooch can indeed have apples as long as you have cut out the seeds! But back to my revelation, as I was doing this I had the thought “If i can’t feed the food I am eating to my dog, then I probably shouldn’t be eating it at all…” and this ladies and gents has kinda changed the way I look at food.

Seriously think about it though!! Dogs can eat a lot of the healthy things that we can eat, minus a couple of fruits, veggies, and meats. When you put that in perspective, whenever you are telling you dog to get their face out of your food because you know if they eat your processed box mac and cheese because they will literally get sick and vom everywhere, then why the hell are you eating it?? You feel?

So, my wise words for you are if you can’t feed something to your animal because it is full of processed nastiness, should you even be eating it? (okay please don’t take it out of perspective and be all HOLY COW I CANT EAT GRAPES ANYMORE BECAUSE MY DOG CAN’T!!! because that is just unreasonable haha)

Here’s a fun chart that is a pretty good guide for good and bad things to feed your pupdogfood_infographic-3



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