I Own A Doggo

I got a dog y’all! Okay, I realize this needs a back story so lets get into that first:

I’ve known Lyla since she was just a wee little pup because one of my former co workers at Social Pet adopted her. Well, he was no longer able to have her so my manager Wendy took her in as a foster. On MLK weekend I ventured home to go to a doctors appointment, and along with that I was going to visit Social Pet to see the fosters with the intention of adopting one of them. However, on arrival I didn’t connect with any of the fosters there, but Wendy mentioned how I could adopt Lyla to finally give her a FURever home. I decided it was fate and Austin and I went to go see her and she just connected so well with the two of us that I knew I couldn’t leave without her.

TA-DA! So now I have my very own dog ๐Ÿ™‚ Her name is Lyla and she is a 2 year old boxer lab mix who LOVES to snuggle (I mean L O V E S). She is afraid of busses and wheelbarrows, loves apples and peanut butter, can’t get enough of a ball and playing fetch, and thinks everyone that is at the door is going to kill me, so she has to viciously bark.

I think she deserves to be a favorite ๐Ÿ˜‰



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