Trying to Live Furiously Happy

Austin and I exchanged Christmas gifts early since we were way too excited about what we had gotten each other to wait for Christmas Day. One of my presents, which turned out to be my favorite, was still on the way but he promised me I was going to love it. The next day my book arrived and within an hour and a half I plowed through 80 pages and decided it was the best book I had ever read in my life.

The book is called Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson and I highly HIGHLY (highly) recommend this book for a multitude of reasons. The author of this book suffers from depression, anxiety, along with a couple of phobias, insomnia, and arthritis. She is telling the stories from her life with her ‘normal’ husband and nine year old daughter in her pursuit to be furiously happy. Austin bought this book for me because one of his teachers recommended it to the class, especially for people who struggle with any mental illnesses, phobias, or anything else. I can safely say that this book has made me feel a lot less crazy and has made me laugh. I relate to SO much that she writes about and I find myself constantly calling Austin (either from the other room or on the phone) to read him excerpts from this book. Every time I finish reading he just shakes his head and says, “Yup, that’s you! And that’s absolutely an argument we have had” or “Yup, that’s something I would have said to one of your moments”.

Here’s one of the things he said was exactly something I would do along with how he would respond to it (To preface this, I have trouble sleeping and so does Jenny, so one night she decided to put her taxidermy raccoon on her cats and called it a midnight rodeo):

Sometime around two a.m., Ferris Mewler finally gave up and stayed upright, annoyed but resigned, as he carried ecstatic Rory on his back and was like, “YES! FERRIS MEWLER, YOU ARE AMERICA’S TOP NEXT MODEL!” but then Victor opened the bedroom door and yelled, “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE? IT’S TWO O’CLOCK IN THE DAMN MORNING”, and Ferris panicked at all the unexpected yelling and tore off down the hall but Rory was still stuck to his back as Ferris streaked through the living room. And then Victor was like, “HOLY SHIT, WHAT IN THE HELL WAS THAT?” because I guess his eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light (or maybe to the sight of an ecstatic raccoon frolicking bareback on a house cat). Considered acting just as shocked as he was and claiming it was probably a small chupacabra that had snuck in. But then I thought that would just raise more questions so instead I lowered the camera and said, “What was what?” as innocently as possible…It wasn’t my fault though, I’ve had chronic insomnia for as long as I could remember. These are the things that eventually happen when you’re alone at two a.m. often enough.

I have gained so many new favorite quotes, laughs and advice from this beautiful masterpiece of a novel and I can safely say this book will stay with me and be re-read for an eternity. PLEASE do yourself a favor and buy this book either for yourself, for a loved one, or for a friend. I will say there are some triggering entries, but they add to the book and I challenge you to get through them with her as she writes about them. Something also to note is the fact that if you don’t have any sort of mental illness to chronic issues this book won’t be quite as funny at all, however I urge you to read it so you can see how our minds work and the struggles we face on a day to day basis. On the other hand if you do struggle with these issues I urge you to read this book so you can laugh and feel less alone. This book has been one of the driving forces for me to finally reach out and get help for my problems and it has also taught me to laugh at myself and cherish those closest to you who see what you go through and still choose to be around your psycho ass.

Go forth, and read this book!

Ps: She also has another book called Let’s Just Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) that I will be purchasing and reading in the near future. Look out for the review on that one!

Pps: HOLY SHIT I JUST SAW SHE HAS ANOTHER BOOK COMING OUT SOON! It’s called You Are Here: An Owners Manual For Dangerous Minds. F U C K this may be the best day of my life (I’m sorry, doing a poor job of self control).



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