First Snow!

It is snowing here in Boone and I think all of the student body is pretty pumped about it (I know I am)! We have had some previous flurries last month and at the beginning of this month, but this is our first big snow! Classes starting at 5 today have been canceled and we could potentially be looking at no classes tomorrow and Friday. It’s so beautiful I wouldn’t mind this extra time off to play in the snow and really get caught up (or even ahead) in my classes.

I am currently sitting in my room, and just looking out the window there is a beautiful scene of snow falling. The snow we are getting is those big beautiful flakes that when they land on your clothes you can really see the detail in each one. Simply beautiful! I LOVE SNOW. For those of you in warmer weather, I totally hope you are jealous (I’ll include pictures to rub it in). For the rest of us enjoying the cold weather and snow, stay warm and have fun friends!



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