First Week

Sunday, well more like 11:58 on Saturday night, has come and this means it has been a full week since I have been back at school. I am totally loving the weather while I have been back because it is FINALLY cold like it’s supposed to be! The first week of classes were relatively successful, though I have learned that accounting and economics are horrifying classes. Most of my teachers are nice, and I even have class with one of my best friends from high school. Things on the mountain are going really well and it has been wonderful being able to see all my friends again. This weekend we decided we needed lots of retail therapy along with movie night. We watched White Chicks and The Great Gatsby because you need your comedy and tragedy all in one sitting sometimes (come on give Leo his oscar already!!). Today the quad also decided to go ice skating for date afternoon and we had a blast. The best part of it all was that nobody fell (Meagan did at the very end but we don’t count it)! All in all it is great to be back as a Mountaineer!ย IMG_0223.jpg



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