Can Someone Say, Bored?

These favorites stemmed from the fact that I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out on Monday and I have been bored as all get out…

Favorite #1


Yes, my friends my first obsession is Webkinz. I was in a Hallmark store with my friends back at school when we came across the cute Webkinz plush toys. We all began to reminisce about the good old days when we each had at least 10 and playing the games was the highlight of any day. Right then and there I knew for the upcoming semester I wanted to waste my life playing Webkinz again, so when my brother asked me what I wanted for christmas I told him to go out and get me the two most kiss ass Webkinz he could find. Christmas rolls around and of course he did not disappoint! I received the Midnight Monster and a Schnauzer and immediately started to create my account. For all my people who used to play, I’m happy to announce THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED A THING. It’s exactly the same and it’s the most glorious thing ever (still even has the same old lag that we all dreaded). So as I was knocked up on pain killers I found hours of entertainment, worthy of this being my weekly obsession. Who says kids still have to have all the fun??

Favorite #2


Yes, I did the thing. I got my nose pierced and it was amazing. It honestly didn’t hurt that bad, but lets be honest I am totally biased because after getting a tragus piercing and a rib tattoo, pain is no longer a factor. I decided to go untraditional and get a three cluster diamond because I felt it was more me. This little sucker makes me super happy and the fact that Em came up to get it with me (also we both got the left side, totally twins) made it all the better!

Favorite #3


WATERCOLOR PAINTS! I enjoy painting, but I’ve never really done a bigger piece using only watercolors. Watercolors allow for a more softer, pastel look that acrylic paints can’t really give you. I’m totally in love and I think it turned out really well! These watercolors are also fluorescent so they have this really pretty sheen to them. I’m very excited to do more pieces in the future with my watercolor paints ๐Ÿ™‚

Together, we can find a cure for boredom.



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